Making a classified site relevant for young people. Hungarian site Jofogas brand new films, directed by Menzkie target a young audience with the message: no matter what situation life throws at you, you can find a solution at Jofogas. Scenes include getting over a heartbreak, or planning a move to Berlin - something many young Hungarians consider these days.
The creative team at Mito - the agency behind the films - said that the challenges brought delightful solutions throughout the production. In the end, they were able to deliver relevant and personal ads, with only putting stuff before the camera that's available on Jofogas itself.
Agency: MITO
Production: THE LAB 3
Director: Menzkie
DOP: Daniel Racz
Producer: Daniel Simon
Gaffer: Jozsef Szomjas
Props: Tamas Pataki
Props: Gabor Dengel & Sandor Fenyi
Music: Mariusz Fodor
Colorist: Zoltan Varfoki
VO: Mr. Jozsef Bozai
Sound mixer: Csaba Major
Sound designer: Mihaly Fejer
Camera technician: Gary Jungman

Agency credit:
Creative Director: Balazs Pocze
Lead Creative - Agi Fekete
Creative - Szabolcs Endrody
Senior strategic planner - Brigi Csurgo
Art director - Peter Juhasz
Senior graphic designer - Levente Bezzegh
Client service manager - Agi Lichtman
Account manager - Dia Szalay
Production manager - Csaba Laszlo

Shot in Whitelight Studio.
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